Pegboard Nerds & Grabbitz Unveil ‘All Alone’

Duo group Pegboard Nerds come together with solo artist and singer/songwriter Grabbitz to create a track called, ‘All Alone.’ After just a day of being released, listeners become emerged in this perfect blend of vocals, trap, dubstep and drum & bass.

The track starts with beautifully crafted lyrics paired with peaceful plucking and strumming of guitars. Grabbitz sings that he doesn’t want to love someone stoned, but he doesn’t want to lose that person in the smoke. As the song progresses, the beat picks up with the beginning of a slow drum and bass kick and the strumming guitar transitions to melodic bass. Everything slows down, slowly picks up, and right before the drop he says, “I’ll be better off all alone.”



The drop has a perfect blend of dubstep, a slight trap beat, and a slowed drum and bass feel to it. One can guess that this is when Pegboard Nerds producing really becomes prevalent. As their notable tracks from the past, such as ‘Luigi’s Mansion‘ and ‘Try This‘ have shown, this group is capable of creating some banger dubstep. In this drop one can also hear Grabbitz‘ producing. As his previous tracks such as ‘Better With Time‘ and ‘Friends‘ have shown his ability to craft trap, dubstep, and drum & bass seamlessly. This bass drop can either be one for dancing to or one to vibe and bob your head to.

Grabbitz destroys the game with his poetic lyrics and his clean, smooth voice. If you are familiar with these artists, their producing on this track is prevalent. Pegboard Nerds provide those hard dubstep/trapstep sounds mixed with Grabbitz‘ drum & bass and drumstep to create what I would call trapstep & bass. This is a track definitely worth hearing for yourself.


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