Koo’s Ethereal ‘Sail Away’

In 2015, singer/songwriter and producer koo released her first EP, Into the Night. This seven track album is scattered with a variety of genres such as dubstep, liquid house, and indie chill. For my first female edition review, I will be taking an in-depth look at Koo‘s track, “Sail Away.”

This track begins with a gentle and pulsing guitar melody, setting the mood of the track. Koo comes in with her unique and chillingly beautiful voice singing that she is feeling free, to forget who you are, and to uncover the truth. As the song progresses, the strumming transitions into a slower beat with bass setting in and the melody in the background starts fading in. Right before the drop she says, “Be all that we are, and sail away.”



The drops in this track encompass a great blend of Koo‘s singing and a traditional dubstep drop. These drops have that house-dubstep feel that many fans are familiar with. In the middle of the track, listeners hear Koo‘s vocals and her sensual, but poetic lyrics. In addition to the continuation of the melody from before, a cool drum fill begins playing. Finger snapping and crowd sounds can be heard as the track transitions into the last couple drops. As the song concludes, listeners hear that peaceful guitar once more. She sings, “Search my heart, it’s you you’ll see.”

From beginning to finish, Koo does a fantastic job of singing and producing with collaborating producers Heatwave Productions and Astrixx1st. I picked this track for my first female edition review because this artist has one of the most unique voices listeners will hear in the electronic dance music community. She is a great producer, has a phenomenal voice, and an engaging and varied musical style well worth listening and supporting. This track uses a great combination of smooth dubstep sounds, a chill vibe, a house vibe, and her iconic voice. Check out her song for yourself below and follow her on Twitter and SoundCloud if you enjoy what you hear!


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