Xkarma Debut First Single ‘Forever Not Really’

Duo group Xkarma just released their first track ‘Forever Not Really.’ This peaceful track blends a great mix of trap and chill bass sounds. For my first new artist review, I will take an in-depth look at their first track.

The track fades in with scattered ambient sounds. As the song slowly progresses, a smooth bass line with a subtle drum snare can be heard with gentle keyboard notes playing in the background. A slow bass kick starts picking up, and then things go to an almost chilling halt. The melody calmly re-enters the song. A quiet grinding synth is heard, which slowly transitions to the beat picking up with a hi-hat sound and drum kick. High pitched vocals begin to be heard, and after all the suspension and build up, listeners finally hear the drop.



The drops are a perfectly crafted blend of bass, subtle drum kicks, hi-hat sounds, vocals, and a chill trap beat that many listeners are familiar with. The first drop eventually smooths into a chilling bass. A deeper pitched keyboard melody begins being played with some ambient sounds. The same high pitched vocals can start to be heard again, this time paired with with some silent shouts, and listeners get immersed in the next drop. After that similar chilling trap beat, the track slowly comes to an end with ambient sounds and long, chill, and low bass synths.

Xkarma did an amazing job producing their first track. From start to finish, ‘Forever Not Really‘ is chill, peaceful, and yet just upbeat enough to make you want to dance, head bop, and vibe to. As a chill trap and easebeat track, these guys really brought it hard with their skills for making bass music.


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