Totemic Releases ‘Drow’

After twenty years of playing violin, Totemic began performing as a DJ and producing drum & bass infused violin music. This artist has performed in many festivals and concerts in Canada, while also having released his self promoted album, Past the Point.

He has released three separate extended plays through record label companies Street Ritual RecordsRogue Beatz Records, and RGE.LTD. In late 2015 to now, he has released a few singles to both promote his upcoming Falling EP, and his Canada and United States tour. In today’s review, I will take an in-depth look at his new single, ‘Drow.’

Drow‘ starts off right away with ambient sounds, calming snare, hi-hat hits, percussion, and some light bass. Listeners hear glimpses of his smooth violin start. The chilling string instrument continues on for a while ever so softly paired with those atmospheric sounds and drum hits. The violin becomes more progressive and using unique scales as the song comes closer to the breakdown. Next, off tempo synthed bass is heard, sending listeners to the breakdown.



This breakdown has a two part style with an intermission. First, a faster paced changing pitch subtle bass is felt in the background. His smooth and silent violin is heard layered above. An off tempo snare can be heard accompanied by a percussion sound. As the breakdown nears the interlude, the violin becomes more predominant and louder. As this mystic violin transitions, the playing becomes more beautiful and elongated. The track eventually stops its drum & bass beat and the violin is echoed and sounds synthesized slightly. As the song shifts into the last part, listeners can hear gentle chords. As the song comes to a close, the drum & bass beat picks up and the subtle bass and layered violin continues until coming to a calming halt at the end.

Totemic truly does an outstanding job showing unique musicianship with this song. His skills as a producer and violinist become very clear when listening to this one. I was reminded of Egyptian styled music due to the minor/obscure type of scales used. I was also reminded of the group, Beats Antique as I listened. I thoroughly enjoy that he took his violin and sampled it for some of the bass and ambient sounds you hear. I’m sure after hearing this track, people will look forward to hearing what else he has in store.


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