Julian Gray & Tonicity Offer Smooth ‘Reflections’

Solo artists, Julian Gray and Tonicity, have come together to release an original piece called ‘Reflections.’ After only a few days of launching this track, these experienced pianists and producers have invited listeners ears to experience chill house vibes with a sound that isn’t heard often.


The track has laid a foundation with a subtle pulsing melody that is layered with gentle piano playing and a calming rhythm. As the song progresses, different chords are heard, and after a few moments, a silent swoosh fades in. It is now that the beat begins picking up. Violins also start while that same peaceful pulsing, drives the track.

The wonderfully crafted orchestral strings continue on, but only after just a few moments and leading to a beautiful tension, the strings ultimately fade out to allow the piano to enter once again. Off tempo drum hits can then be heard with the pleasant sounds of the piano and those similar pulsing melodies. After a couple minutes of tranquil bass, ambient sounds, piano playing, and smooth transitions, the track comes to a chilling halt.



If listened to carefully, the breakdown is a hauntingly beautiful improvisation from both of the artists. The classical sound created from each pianist not only balances and compliments one another, but also establishes a delicate and passionate mood for the listener. At this point in the song, the breakdown is filled with appealing minor chords that almost clash, but remain untouched. After captivating our attention with such gorgeous musicianship, the track continues on as before.

Eventually, “Reflections,” comes near its end with ambient liquid sounds, reminiscent barely detectable vocals, subtle bass, and that engaging piano, which ultimately closes the track with a playful run.


After listening to this hypnotic and soothing production, it is evident that Julian Gray and Tonicity know how to offer and create a strong collaboration. This work reflects trance music, embodies chill progressive house vibes, and adds that classical and ambient sound. Not only do these artists do an outstanding job producing this track, but from start to finish, “Reflections,” is a masterpiece filled with gentle bass, piano playing, ambient samples, and orchestral strings.


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