Deadzone Unleashes ‘Unwritten’ Onto Wasteland Recordings

Just earlier this week, dubstep, trap, and ambient producer, Deadzone, released his latest original track, ‘Unwritten‘ onto Wasteland Recordings. With early support from promotional channel Tranzino, Denver musician, Crazy or Nothing, producer Asteroid Afterparty, and producer floatinurboat, ‘Unwritten‘ is bound to continue gaining exposure.

Unwritten‘ fades in with a subtle soundtrack horror slam and thunder that is quickly followed by a humming bass. As the song continues, listeners can hear scattering ambience and percussion. The track eventually transitions with a gentle snare that is layered under a heartbeat. The thumping goes on, which is later accompanied by intense strings. As ‘Unwritten‘ gradually comes to a halt, the strings stop and tension builds from eerie vocals. After moments, everything ends except for ambience and suspenseful keyboard notes.



Deadzone creates a deeper and darker atmosphere that listeners don’t hear often that designs a hauntingly beautiful world. Filled with strings, a heart, silent ambience, and percussion, ‘Unwritten‘ is an ambient track that could easily be mistaken for a piece on a soundtrack. Reminding us of horror soundtracks for a movie such as Resident Evil and video game soundtracks for games, such as Starcraft, Dying Light, and Evil Within, ‘Unwritten‘ thrives on a powerful dark ambience that gives you chills. Listeners will surely want to put this on repeat and dive deeper into what’s unwritten.


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